Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do. Believe.

I know, I know, I missed yesterday's post.  Saturday and Sunday were purposeful.  I am going to take a break on the weekends.  Yesterday; however, was not a planned break day.  I simply couldn't take a break to write all the things I was praying and pleading.  It was a stressful day to say the least.

Which brings me to where my thoughts are today.  Satan is real.  He is here to kill, steal, and destroy.  It's not an easy task to identify truth vs. the lies he tells you when you are right in the thicket.  I am so incredibly thankful for the relationship I have with my Creator, because He pulls me out of the briars.  Satan says, "You aren't worthy, you don't have the skill set, you are a failure."  God says,"I love you, try again, I created you to do many wonderful things."

I don't like messing up or making mistakes.  I want to do things right the first time and move on to the next thing.  I'd like to think that mistakes are unnecessary, but then I think of all the times in the Bible that mistakes are made and it paints a part of God's magnificent masterpiece.  There's Joseph's brothers, Moses, David, and so many others that played major roles in His kingdom who made mistake after mistake.

I am a priceless work of art.  You are a timeless masterpiece!  Believe it!      

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  1. Amen to that! God does not make mistakes! God uses everything we encounter in our lives to help us grow! Whether it spiritually, physically, in wisdom, prosperity, whatever it is. This is so encouraging to me! Next time I face trials and hard times, instead of saying oh pitiful poor me! I am going to seek what it is that God is trying to teach me!